You can always redeem a loan that you have taken from any lender provided it is a regular loan such as a home loan, a private loan, a micro loan or a car loan. What can differ is the rules that apply to settle the loan. Here we will look at what applies to a tied loan.

Bonded loans are in principle only mortgages


Which is why this applies to a large extent. If one is to be really careful then all mortgages are also bound only that some have a maturity of three months which are usually called variable loans. You can easily solve these when you want without any extra costs. The same applies to the other common types of loans mentioned earlier.

Thus, mortgage loans with a maturity of one year or more normally apply. You cannot redeem these loans anyway as the lender has the cost of your loan even if you redeemed it. Therefore, you should expect to pay something called interest rate compensation.

This allowance is intended to compensate the lender for the costs they still have for the loan when you settle it. The compensation is not meant to be a profit for them.

Is it any idea to settle a loan?

Is it any idea to settle a loan?

It is difficult to say on the straight arm whether it is profitable to settle a loan or not. Generally, you can say that if you are going to move the loan to another lender then good conditions are required for it to be more economical.

If you intend to settle the entire loan with saved money, the most question is what you would otherwise have done for the money if it is the best from an economic perspective. A loan with a relatively low interest rate may be an idea to keep and invest the money instead.

There are also times when you have no choice in whether to pay off the loan or not. For example, if you sell your house and move to another location, you will have to settle the loan. Then it depends a little on whether or not you get to pay interest payment. If you are going to borrow money for the new housing, it is very possible that the lender agrees to a so-called collateral exchange where the old loan is in principle transferred to the new housing. However, this accommodation must then be approved by the lender. If you move to a rental apartment, for example, you must redeem the loan even if you have to pay for it.

How do you settle a bond?


Paying back a loan is never a problem. You simply contact your lender and check with them how to do it. They will then calculate what it costs (if it costs) etc for you to repay the loan. They can also answer any conceivable questions you may have.